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Digital Pebble is a consulting company specialised in linguistic engineering, document management, information retrieval and extraction. Our expertise is based on open source solutions, such as Lucene or Gate  

DigitalPebble Ltd is a consultancy and solution provider specialising in web crawling, natural language processing, document retrieval and information extraction.

We advise, evaluate and implement solutions based on leading open source software, such as StormCrawler, GATE or Elasticsearch. We aim to combine open source tools to provide efficient, reliable and low cost made-to-order solutions.

Our unique expertise covers all aspects of documents life cycle, from web-wide crawling and collection, content analysis, filtering and categorization to indexing. We are specialised in large scale processing using Apache Hadoop or Apache Storm and have expertise in cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, which has allowed us to successfully deploy solutions scaling up to billions of documents for our clients.

Not only to we have an extensive knowledge of open source software, we are also active contributors and provide some of the resources that we have developed over the years under open source licenses.

Our clients range from startup in stealth mode to NASDAQ listed companies and operate in domains as varied as business intelligence, media monitoring, telecommunications or software development.